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Email Marketing

Boost Business Efficiency With Personalised Email Campaigns

Targeted and personalized email marketing solutions that can become a cornerstone of your business’ success

Navoto has helped a large number of businesses in optimizing their marketing efforts by developing a unique email marketing strategy that can drive conversions. Our services are focused on helping you achieve your end-goals with ease. We help small and large businesses create responsive emails that can gain the attention of the users.

Email Marketing

You can choose our Email Marketing Services to send newsletters, promotional emails, blog emails, welcome email series, banners etc. We help you craft the most effective marketing strategy that not only helps you retain existing customers but also gain new ones.

Our Process of Email Marketing

Navoto’s Email Marketing Services focus on creating a personalized experience for your users. The steps that we follow while creating your marketing strategy include:

  • Understanding your business’ goals
  • Offering unique templates to choose from 
  • Copywriting
  • Reviewing for errors
  • User testing 
  • Delivery 
  • Tracking the performance of your campaign

It is possible to track the performance of your email marketing campaigns using various metrics.

The importance of Email Marketing

Marketing through emails is an effective form of taking products, services and stories to your targeted audience. Having a robust email marketing strategy can help strengthen your relationships with customers.

  • Cost-effective- This one-to-many model of communication can be extremely cost-effective by helping you promote your services to a large audience without spending too much.
  • Wider reach- With the help of our Email Marketing Services, you can take your business to a wider audience.
  • Increased brand awareness- Well-crafted emails can strengthen the image of your brand and help users associate it with your products and services.
  • Improving customer loyalty- You can use the emails to get the loyalty of your customers by creating a credible image for your business.
  • Understanding customer behaviour- You can track the behaviour of customers to find out how your campaign needs to be improved.

The ever-changing trends of Email Marketing

The trends in email marketing undergo constant transformation. To keep up with these, you need to get the help of an experienced team of digital marketers. Some of the trends that are the most relevant in the industry currently include:

  • Improved mobile experience
  • Increased focus on user experience
  • Interactive features and visuals
  • Illustrations
  • Automation
  • Customer-centric emails

Why Choose Navoto

Simplified email marketing solutions from Navoto can help drive engagement with your users and improve the quality of your business operations. Our team of well-experienced professionals can help design the most-effective strategy for your business. 
You need to choose our services for the following reasons:

  • Invest in better relationships with the customers 
  • Cost-effective services 
  • Reach your business objectives easily 
  • Expert digital marketing consulting from Navoto
  • Quick results and performance tracking


Content that offers something of value to the customers should be integrated into your marketing strategy. You need to use the emails to build trust and connect with your users. This should be reflected in the content that you use.


The subject line of the email is what will draw the attention of the user. It has to be crisp, catchy and offer something of value to the users.


The following features can improve the design of your email:

  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Call to action
  • Readability 
  • Proper spacing


Some metrics that can help you track the performance of your email marketing strategy include:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Click-through rate