UX Design

Designing for all taste palettes from Concept to Final Product

User Experience Design is a process for designing systems that offer a great experience to users.

We are providing UX design in business is to “improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product & Service.

  • User Research & Analysis
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Responsive Design
  • Wireframing
  • Rapid & Interactive Prototyping
  • User Testing and Inerviews

What is UX Design ?

User Experience aka UX is the process of creating a virtual/online platform for users in order to match their needs and requirements. A professional UX designer is responsible for the integration of information, design, navigation, and functionality of the website. Here, the only purpose to provide a seamless experience to users which can be achieved by keeping in mind relativity, scalability, and usability.

Problem Discovery

It is a prelim and prominent step that maps out the problem, framing the problem, gathering the problem, and carving the first direction towards the next step.

What are the things should keep in mind during problem discovery?

Knowing or understanding user

It is the first stage where UX designer determines that who is the user and his nature and behavior towards a problem. While carving out the problem and searching for the solution, the designer needs to make sure the users’ need, desires, and values.

Recognizing problems and opportunities

When the nature and behavior of users are known, the next step is to identify the problems and how these problems will affect the users and the organization itself.


Once the above two steps have been achieved, now it comes to understanding the business objectives and desired goals. This will help the designer to create a 360-degree map for the product that will match every aspect of need and requirement.

Architecture & UX Design: How both are different yet relatable?

UX design is like building a map design that is structured with command buttons to direct the users on different pages and navigation. It is quite similar to architecture where a blueprint of any housing or castle design is implemented on the physical earth’s surface with particular indications. The difference is only:

  • Architecture is physical and UX designing is digital.
  • The architecture of housing comprises space, building, different types of rooms whereas UX designing’ components are screen, button, command, app, view, click, etc.

Usability Principles

User behavior

Know what users are up to as what device is h/she using, what kind of emotion he/she is dealing with, whom h/she is following, and so on.

Cohesiveness & Hierarchy

The sitemap should be represented in the hierarchy which will be easier for users to understand what is where. This includes a search bar, menus, categories, and sub-categories.


It is important that the design should not only represent the brand but also familiar to users when it comes to learning about the product or service that your company provides. It will result in user retainment, returning users, and ultimately loyal customers.


Lastly, it is ensured that the span of users should keep on increasing. It means that any type of user should be comfortable while using the website even the physically disabled.

Our UX Designing Team

The well-versed UX designing team is visionary, updated, and is provided timely training sessions to sharpen their knowledge and skills. Our team has a deep understanding of user behavior on a particular product or service which eases their path towards goal-oriented implementation. For more queries, information and assistance, please keep on visiting www.navoto.com