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What we offer

Every online business requires engaging mobile app design to attract more customers.

The trends in mobile app designing are continually evolving. This is why you need a reliable Mobile App Design Services to produce an engaging experience for the users.

We can help you design applications conforming to the latest industry trends. We have a team of expert designers who are skilled in delivering user-centric solutions. We follow a professional approach to mobile app design that can help you reflect your business’ value.

Mobile app design
  • Goal identification
  • Scope definition
  • Sitemap and wireframe
  • Content creation
  • UI Design & Prototype
  • Design mockup
  • User testing

Producing applications with more advanced features and an accessible design is our strong suit. With years of experience in PhotoShop, HTML 5, CSS3, Xcode, typographic skills etc., our team can help develop an interface with enhanced usability. We are adept at using the latest Android App Design technologies to deliver your application’s functional interface.  

Our Process of Mobile App Designing

Each product that we deliver as our Mobile App Design Services is personalized and unique. A basic layout of our approach towards mobile app designing includes the following steps-

  1. We take our time to understand the client’s requirements, the industry, target audience and competitors.
  2. Using the output of this research, we create a storyboard.
  3. The next step involves sketching user experience.
  4. We then wireframe screens to visualize this experience.
  5. The prototype is developed in the next stage.
  6. The production of the final design follows this.
  7. We undertake quality checks to ensure that you get the best solutions.

The importance of Mobile App Design

  • Strengthen your brand’s identity- By creating a one-stop-shop for all your existing and potential customers, you can easily showcase your products and services. 
  • Improve communication with the users- This is done through regular interaction with the targeted audience. 
  • Scale up your profits- By focusing on creating a better user experience, the customer-satisfaction in your business can be increased. This, in turn, can help you gain more profit.
  • Goal-driven mobile design- By understanding the preferences of the users, you can reach the right audience.

The Ever-changing trends of mobile app design

Our services can help you keep up with the constantly evolving trends of mobile UI design that can expand your reach. Some of these are-

  • Full-screen video to grab the user’s attention and keep them engaged.
  • Delivering long-form content for better engagement.
  • Improved illustrations that further strengthen a brand’s identity.
  • Choosing colours and gradients that resonate with the tone of your content.

Why Choose Navoto

  • We offer specific designing for various platforms- android, iOS App Design and also develop cross-platform applications.
  • We can incorporate the latest trends into your application to keep up with the times. We can also help you upgrade the application when your customer-base expands.
  • We deliver products with improved functionality for the users.
  • We undertake rigorous user-experience testing to ensure better results. We check every minute aspect to ensure you get the best solutions for your application. 
  • We are committed to improving the Mobile UX design by making the application more personal for the users.
  • We have a well-qualified team of designers with years of industry experience. They can deliver reliable app design solutions that can help keep your users engaged.


Mobile app design involves the process of designing an application. The goal of mobile app designing is to improve the accessibility, engagement and usability of the application.

Mobile app design solutions can provide several advantages to your business. Some of these include- 

  • Improved relationships with the customers
  • Extremely efficient and scalable
  • Increased ROI
  • Reach to a broader audience
  • Keep your customer engaged and updated

Yes, we follow the security guidelines to ensure the apps are highly-secure and encrypted. You also do not have to worry about your app’s idea and details.

Absolutely. You can choose to add features like sharing, messaging, following, live streaming etc. to make the app more engaging.